Putney & The Integration of New Technology

School Bus GPS & Surveillance

We try our best to be as accurate with our timing, which in the bus industry isn't always the easiest. Our GPS System Provides real time tracking as well as up as well as, real time bus mobility information. Equipping our school buses with cameras are another safety measure we have taken to ensure rider safety. Not all buses are equipped with monitors. It is important to have footage readily available in any event. It is our goal to make sure all students are safe.

Yellow Zone® Boarding Pass & Tracking

The Boarding Pass is designed specifically for school transportation to track and monitor student ridership in a safe and non-intrusive way. Knowing if and when a student got on or off the bus accounts for a significant portion of calls parents make to schools and is information that schools need to know. The Boarding Pass provides accurate and immediate answers. Customers say it works because The Boarding Pass requires no action on the part of drivers or students, other than to carry the card. The Boarding Pass delivers the required performance without impeding the normal loading and unloading process. It's a true win for school officials, drivers, students and parents.

Cloud Based Remote Network Servers

We have taken steps towards a Greener facility. Using a new state of the art cloud base network has made our office employees jobs more mobile. Being able to work from home or the office is an added convenience, especially when invoices need to be reviewed. Everything is at the click of a mouse anywhere, anytime, which means we can get your inquiries, or invoices dealt with in a timely manner.

Our Purpose is to create a safe and comfortable experience while incorporating amenities of comfort , to enhance our rider experience.